We're building intelligent interactive environments for everyone.

Intelligent interactive environments

Imagine a world where you have your own hyper-intelligent personal assistant. Able to operate any appliance, autonomous car, connected home, and all your devices.

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is the application and embedding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into everyday environments to provide assistive and predictive support in a multitude of scenarios.

You've seen it in the movies - now make it real.

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Predictive and reactive assistance

There's a paradigm shift happening from reactive devices to predictive intelligence. Soon your devices will know what you want before you do.

Machine learning is changing the way we use the mountains of data all around us. Crunching big data gives us new valuable insights into how we live our lives - and how technology can make it easier.

From early adopters to software engineers - you can help shape the future.

Safe, secure, and user friendly

Every great achievement comes with difficulty, and interactive intelligence is no different.

From security to privacy, family safety, data protection, low power consumption, and accessibility. These are all issues every new product should take seriously, and we're no exception. We put peace of mind at the heart of the user experience.

We're building something that will make the world better for everyone.

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